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Bedtime Stories December 2019

Designing an obstacle course...

A Police Officer came to visit us!

On Wednesday we had a special visitor who came into nursery to talk to us about our topic 'People who help us'. The police officer told us all about his special job and the important jobs that he has to do. He showed us all of the special equipment that police officers need to do their jobs and the uniform that police officers wear. We learned that police officers are here to help us if we lose something, or if we are lost and they can help us with the traffic and cars. Well done everybody!

Harvesting our carrots!

In the summer term we planted some carrots in our outdoor area at nursery and the children have enjoyed looking after them. We decided that now the season has changed and the weather is getting colder, that it was a good idea to pick our carrots before it gets too cold for them outside. The children enjoyed sharing their ideas about what we could do with the carrots once we had picked them. We also enjoyed talking about Harvest and Autumn and what these words meant. The children have enjoyed bringing in natural objects which they have found out of nursery. Well done everybody!

Number Week in School

Thank you to those who took part in our number week in nursery. The children had a fantastic week at nursery. We took part in lots of different activities including dressing up in a number themed outfit, baking, counting, measuring and we also sang lots of number themed songs.  Well done everybody!

Thank you for all the wonderful items for our Harvest Collection!

Darwen Fire Service

This term we have been covering People who help us and have selected several resources to support this. We were extremely lucky to have a visit from the Fire Brigade . The children were so excited and were so well behaved!  The fire fighters told us all about the fire engine, firstly they turned on the engine and showed us the blue flashing lights. The fire engine was a little bit noisy and we talked about how the flashing lights help people to see that the fire engine is coming towards them. We then walked around the back of the fire engine and we were allowed to hold the hose and turn it on to spray it (if we wanted to). It was very exciting and some children even tried on the special helmet that fire fighters wear to protect their heads and faces. The children were very keen to get involved and some even jumped onto the fire engine to have a look inside! We then waved goodbye to the fire engine and listened to the noisy sirens as the engine drove off, it was a wonderful experience!  When we got back into nursery we enjoyed talking about the fire fighters and fire engine and have even learned some special songs and Makaton signs to support this! Well done everybody!

We met Maureen from Moggies Cat Rescue Darwen...look at the wonderful collection of goodies for her cats and kittens donated by our children and families

Maureen came to collect all the goodies!
Family donations for the children's 1km walk. Wow!

A horse came to visit school today!

Comic Relief Day 2019...WACKY HAIR!!!!!!!

World Book Day 2019

Look at some of the things our 'funky fingers' can do!!!!

Making a roof for the home of the Three Little Pigs

Write Dance!

Today, Miss Murphy and the children and staff did a fun programme called 'Write Dance'. It helps children with their balance and co-ordination which is an important aspect of early writing development. The focus was on circles today, and children had to find a circle shape around nursery, hand them to Mrs Taylor, then make movements to music: tiny through to enormous with different body parts. What a lovely time we had!

Christmas Trail 2018

Making our own emergency vehicles.

Our Police Station and Crime Scene!!!!

A Health Visitor came to visit us today.

Shirley, a Health Visitor came to talk to us about her job visiting babies to make sure they are healthy and growing. She weighs them on special scales to make sure they are putting on weight, measures their heads and talked about breast feeding. Our children listened very carefully and told us about babies in their families.

When the Fire Fighters came to visit our new children in September

Sports Day fun!!

Congratulations to our morning children on their Wedding Day!

An Easter Bonnet Parade to remember!!

Outdoor play on a windy but sunny lovely!!

Pumpkin the kitten came to visit us in school today

Displays in School Spring Term 1

Our science investigation....We placed 'Skittles' carefully around the edge of a plate

We poured some milk into the centre...and watched...and waited...

It's like MAGIC...a beautiful rainbow of clours has appeared.

I like making number marks.

We loved visiting the library at St Peter's School.

I am a librarian. "Next please!"

Making a house of straw for the pigs.

Look at our busy hands...we love washing up!

A convoy of bicycles following the arrows!

Enjoying our snack in the outdoor house.

Our fairies making sure the baby is dressed.

Part of our 'Learning Hub' area, where children can be calm and still.

Bedtime stories for the babies.

Our magic and colour exploratory area.

Magic potions...Mrs Murray and her group wanted to turn the jelly black!!!

What friendly witches (we bet they would have room on their broom!!)

Gosh...this is hard work!!!

Diwali Diyas (candles) made from shaping clay.

Happy Diwali!

Our fish have arrived. We love to watch them swimming up to the top for food!

We're acting the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. 'Quick, through the grass, swishy, swashy, swishy, swashy.'

Using the claves to make the 'trip, trap' sound as the Billy Goats Gruff went over the bridge...I can see the troll, but he can't see us!!

Mrs Whalley has lots of helpers to taste the plum crumble.

We're making a plum crumble.

Quick!!! Jump on the toadstool!!!

Can you make a house for the Three Little Pigs???

Mrs Walsh took her group to visit one of the children's allotment to pick peas and strawberries.

Our Dads had a lovely time playing with the children during Father's Week.

Happy 90th Birthday your Majesty!

Here are a few photographs from our Blackpool Zoo Trip May 2016

A few photographs from our Spring Fayre. Thank you for coming. We raised £280 and plan to purchase a new painting easel with the funds collected. 


Mrs Roberts' children's display of "Titch".

Mrs Lawrence's children's paintings of flowers.

"They've turned out nicely Mrs Whalley!"

The best way to have snack is with my flat cap on!!

Boing, boing, boing!!!!!

Stopping to admire the new baby.

What a good daddy.

Having fun on the see-saw.

When you don't have a double buggy...

Welcome to Mrs Kershaw's children.

Interacting with our 'Pets' display.

Making choices from the menu on the computer.

Unravelling this colour connect magnetic puzzle.

Snip, snip, snipping with my mummy.

Using funnels to pour and fill containers with rice.

I'm going on a bug hunt!!

The chicks are coming soon...

Writing down important things with Mrs Lawrence.

Listening carefully to a story about "Titch".

Mrs Murray welcoming all the mums who came to play in her group.

We are having to work hard to move along....what strong muscles will will have at the end!

Trying to rescue people from the frozen ice.

Measuring the's very, very long!!