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School Readiness

Baseline Assessments on Entry to Nursery

School Readiness Parent Guide 2023-24

Dear Parents,
At the end of our first week back in November, staff will upload a copy of your child's school readiness form. It will show some highlighted areas which we are working on in school and ways that parents can support at home (see pages 3 and 4.)
There is a copy of the parent's guide and statements posted above so that you can see the types of expectations in readiness for your child starting primary school. We are firm believers that children develop at different times and at different rates, so please no not worry about any of the statements: not all children will reach all of these and primary schools expect that.

If you need to discuss the targets with your child's key person, week commencing the 8th November staff will allocate some time to speak with parents by telephone. This is an 'opt in' service as we are aware that many of you already speak to your child's key person and may not feel the need to discuss their school readiness.
Please liaise with your child's key person regarding their availability. Before school (most staff are here from 8am), over lunchtime (between 11:45 and 12:15pm or 12:15pm and 12:45pm) and between 3:45 and 4pm are the best times. Staff also have some allocated time in which they make Tapestry entries which could potentially be used. These targets will be re-visited regularly and we will work on meeting these statements together by the end of the summer term 2024.

Mrs Roberts has been working hard to produce a display all about 'School Readiness'.

Take a look in school (on the large wall near our fish tank.) We hope that this helps to 'bring to life' the topic of school readiness. 

Please have a look at the attached document for parents in relation to 'School Readiness'.

What does it mean for a child to be 'school ready?'

We all may have different ideas.

The document is based on what we perceive, in partnership with feeder primary schools, to be appropriate skills for children to have acquired on entry to school.

It is by no means a definitive list, rather based on what we might expect in terms of child development.

Your child may find some of these areas difficult, some children may already have acquired these skills, concepts and knowledge: all our children are unique and learn at different times and at different rates.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's 'school readiness' or if you have any concerns that we may not already be aware of then please do not hesitate to speak to myself or a member of the Turncroft team.

Tips for Parents