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Cultural Capital​​​​​​​

In September 2019, the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework added the term 'Cultural Capital'.

The Early Years Foundation Stage plays an important part here, as strong foundations are built that will make a real difference to a child's future. At Turncroft Nursery School, we believe that that Cultural Capital is about giving our children the best possible start to their early education and future success. It is our intention to provide a curriculum which enhances and broadens experiences and opportunities for all children, particularly for our most vulnerable young learners. Our curriculum is pitched so that it offers a range of experiences which engage, enthuse and enlighten. Our intention is to provide a culture of curiosity through magical moments: to widen horizons, tap into potential and instil ambition. 

Adults at Turncroft Nursery School have a wealth of experience which means high quality delivery of our intentions is possible and successful.

This includes;

  •  forging strong relationships
  • working with other professionals,
  • working with parents and the wider community,
  • meeting children's needs, learning styles and interests,
  • understanding the individual and diverse ways that children develop and learn and
  • their knowledge and understanding in order to actively support and extend children’s learning in and across all seven areas of learning.

We communicate with parents face to face regularly, but 'Tapestry' our online learning journal helps us to seek parent's opinions about their child and facilitate shared experiences.

We have always prepared our children (and families) for what comes next. We already receive positive feedback from feeder schools and parents about how our children are 'school ready' when they make the transition to primary school. 

We will continually reflect on what we offer our young children to ensure that we remain focused in our ambition to give children the essential knowledge to be educated citizens and to open doors into worlds they didn't know existed.